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Digital Airport - AscendXYZ

Input All Airport Data with Just a Few Touches on a Tablet or Phone

Any Process Can be Digitalized

No matter if you are performing a daily inspection of a fire truck or a runway inspection, we can digitalize the process in one easy to use solution. Imagine inputting all data capture processes with just a few touches of a tablet or phone. The AscendXYZ Digital Airport Solution makes this possible. With this solution, all gathered data is available for you right away in a real-time view, as well as in reports for management, specialists, and staff.

The processes we can digitalize for you with the AscendXYZ Digital Airport Solution include:

  • Runway inspection
  • Fence inspection
  • FOD registration
  • Equipment inspection
  • Bird strike recording
  • On-airfield wildlife registration
  • Off-airfield wildlife registration
  • Light inspection
  • Obstacle inspection
  • Your specialized process

and other specialized processes.

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Custom Design of Reports

Based on the collected data we will customize the reports according to your needs. This includes reports of the same data to different sections of the airports. Options for reports include:

  • Management reports
  • Risk reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Status reports for staff

Secure Digital Data Capture Via Smartphones and Tablets

AscendXYZ Digital Airport Solution is an integrated information management platform, that gathers all data collection tasks in one quick and intuitive App. The solution helps airports enhance operational efficiency by digitalizing all processes of data capture. This enables efficient monitoring and management of critical information.

Data Access

All recorded data and reports are available on our web-portal 24/7. We can make the data available via an API or seamlessly integrate with your existing safety management system (SMS).

Data Security

All recorded data is automatically uploaded, stored, and backed up using the same security standard as our NATO customers. You can read our infoSec document here.


Help us help you by giving us feedback. We listen to your needs, and we continually focus on developing the reports to solve your problems and identify risks based on the data analysis. It is our goal to give you the most flexible and responsive solution possible.

Safety Management

We want to supply actionable results to you, not just data. That means we will be working with you to integrate the measurements performed by your staff into your safety management system. If we understand what triggers or thresholds you are looking for to prompt a response, we can include this in the data analysis.

Custom Flow Pricing

Depending on the size of your airport, the number of users and processes (recording flows), we will tailor the price to your needs. Contact us for an offer. Standard flows have no implementation cost, custom flows have a one-time cost of €150 per hour spent on developing your flow. Standard flow development normally takes 10-15 hours.

Get Started

It is easy to get started – we will help you to set up the app, so you can be ready to record right away and follow the status in real-time. The service will be tailored to match the needs of your airport staff and processes.

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AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution

As part of the AscendXYZ Digital Airport Service, you also gain access to the AscendXYZ Wildlife Registration Solution.

This is an essential tool for understanding and mitigating the risk of wildlife strikes. The solution allows you to register wildlife with a few quick touches on a tablet or smartphone. You will be able to do this on site with a direct view of the situation and minimal risk of forgetting or overlooking important points.

The service is available as an App for mobile phone and tablet. The data is available for you right away, 24/7, in a digital format or as reports for management, specialists, and bird controllers. You can easily add new species, bird controllers, new tablets, wildlife risk levels and more to your reports through our web portal, allowing you to work flexibly and efficiently.

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